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"the balancing act is strategic planning methodology for people.
in this program, you are coached to do the most fundamental -- and useful
-- thing a business or an individual can do: figure out
who you really are and what
you really want. the unique
approach instills such
trust in the outcome that
you can’t help but feel
ready to act on your new insights. the balancing act hasn’t so much changed my
life as illuminated my life.
i can now see my path forward with much greater clarity and confidence
than ever before."

jane alpers,
executive vice president

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there’s always room for improvement – sometimes more than others. that’s where pat fox consulting comes in. for executives, managers at all levels, and individual contributors, we offer leadership development programs based on one of the foremost curricula in the united states and europe.

in conjunction with the coreportation, inc. (tci), pat fox consulting provides leadership development based on tci’s the balancing act. it focuses on an individual’s five qualities: core, vision, mission, interactions and structure. the program, which spans several weeks or can be compressed into days, includes:

    • a leadership balance profile assessment
    • classroom training plus one-to-one coaching
    • a "program buddy" to imprint learning and maintain motivation
    • a "next steps" contract to ensure ongoing application of lessons learned

    how to spot fake reviews on amazon for leadership development, and accelerate your business results.

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