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how much money can i make on social security

"pat fox is a fantastic
coach for senior
professionals who are in
transition, feeling "stuck"
or want to initiate
real change in their lives.
at first, i was skeptical of
my potential to experience
a significant shift in just
three months, but have
been proven wrong.
pat’s personal and
professional depth -- as well
as her candid feedback --
were the guiding forces
that help me to
accomplish what i could
not have done alone."

lesley edwards,
vp of business development

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individuals and organizations in transition turn to pat fox consulting for customized coaching and training that helps them achieve specific business goals with measurable results. well-respected methodologies like target teams and sharon seivert’s the balancing act form the core of curricula, delivered by a consortium of certified senior executives.

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pat fox consulting services are sustainable, long-term solutions couple with a pledge of client satisfaction. we don’t consider an engagement completed until our client is satisfied with the results.

depending on a client’s goal – whether it’s generating a strategic direction, better sales results or an enhanced organizational dynamic – services may be a series of hour-long meetings over a period of weeks, classroom-like sessions, or workshops. our services combine proven coaching tools and best practices with the specific goals of an organization or individual. they’re uniquely designed to accelerate your business results.

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