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temu reviews 2023
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corporations and nonprofit organizations undergoing change turn to pat fox consulting to ensure that their people navigate that change well. whether it’s a new sales team in need of team building, a troubled executive committee seeking conflict resolution, or an hr department cultivating a new corporate culture, developing effective group dynamics is key.

with a suite of time-tested tools that include team assessments, technology solutions, and best practices, pat fox consulting designs client-specific programs with measurable results and a pledge of client satisfaction. also available for fast-track implementation are more structured programs with components that can be customized according to client needs:

executive team off-sites:  analyze the performance styles and ambitions of executive team members. by highlighting areas of natural collaboration as well as natural conflict, these intensive sessions address conflict, integrate new executives to the team, facilitate a merger with another organization or help executive teams better handle other challenges facing their organization.

sales kickoff meetings:  focus on behavioral selling – how to identify the preferred communication styles of their target customers. the result is a better understanding among sales executives of customer needs that leads to increased sales.

executives in transition:  is ideal for 10 to 15 participants in eight or 10 weekly sessions. built around the well-known book, the balancing act: mastering the five elements of success, it is designed to address the specific concerns of senior executive.

executive team blue print™:  a tangible offering to demystify executive team dynamics in order to accelerate results.

team building:  building high-performance teams is critical to your firm’s success. team building helps to find ways to remove communication roadblocks, create efficiencies in processes and project management, and generate positive workplace synergy. all of which lead to one thing: increased bottom line.

merger and acquisition human capital map and team acceleration plan: identifies merged team capabilities and how to best leverage strengths to accelerate performance.

merger and acquisition human capital map and team acceleration plan: identifies merged team capabilities and how to best leverage strengths to accelerate performance.

sales and marketing interaction analysis:  ensures that sales and marketing teams are highly motivated and working together for success.

workforce planning and reduction:  a significant factor in alleviating the pressure around these often-emotional decisions is having data that provides objective information to help a manager focus on what makes the most sense for the company and the team as they plan for company and workforce needs.

new!  an executive-fit assessment: profiles an existing executive team as well as potential additions to determine whether there’s a complementary match for performance style, ambitions and cultural preferences. this enables the hiring team to "try on" how a potential new to reduce turnover and avoid other integration issues.

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